Friday, February 19, 2010


I adore this website. Not only is a great place to store pictures online, edit and order prints, they have a ton of amazing photo gifts that you can create. They have recently added custom non-photo stationary as well. I've ordered several different items from them, and have never been disappointed in the quality.

Best part is...if you get on their email list, they will send you discount codes. And you can use more than one. You can use more than two. You can use as many codes as you want, stacking and stacking the discounts with joy. I'm telling you, I love this. The vast majority of companies out there don't ever let you use more than one discount at a time, leaving a savvy shopper like me with no choice but to mentally calculate which is the best deal. Not Shutterfly. Use em all.

When you first sign up, there is always some deal just for joining. Right now, I think it's 50 free prints.

I make photo calendars every year from Christmas as gifts for members of the family. I scored a crazy good deal with them this year by using this site and at least 4 different codes I found. Prices that good make me downright giddy. Plus, I didn't pay for shipping, which makes always makes me one happy girl.

I just ordered Ally's birthday invitations, a large 11 x 14 matte print I've been meaning to get of AJ for the wall, and a magnet for the fridge. The magnet was a last minute thing, it was either pay for shipping or find some other small item to qualify for free shipping....and I will ALWAYS opt to find something else versus paying for shipping. Might as well get something for the money, I say. My total, less than $30.

Every so often, there are codes for free items. Find one of those and a shipping code, you're getting something awesome totally free. Who says you can't have your cake and eat it too?

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