Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Allergy Meds

I heart clearance racks. I heart end caps stuffed with random leftovers. I heart a deal. And, boy oh boy, did I find a good one yesterday.

I was at Target for my regular shopping, when I came upon an endcap in the health/beauty/medications section. And there they were. HUGE, ginormous bottles of my allergy medication, the generic for Zyrtec. 350 pills in each, a whole entire year's supply....75% off.

I kid you not, $9.74 a bottle. Woot woot!

A few weeks back, Target did a special with club store sizes of items at discount prices. Not all these bottles were sold obviously. And here they were, waiting for me to find them. Yay!

This stuff is pricey, usually runs me about $10 a month, assuming I get generic. Considering I have children who suffer from chronic allergy problems, two of which are old enough to take this medication now, I got me two bottles.

If you take this medication, it might be worth a stop over at your local store. You might have to search for the clearance sections and dig through the piles on the endcaps, but it is so worth it. Even my dear husband was impressed this time.

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