Sunday, March 7, 2010


I recently discovered this website, and wondered almost instantly why I had not thought of looking at it earlier.

It is full of all kinds of project ideas, crafts, games and more. There are previews of upcoming products and online specials. But by far the coolest thing about this website is the Lights, Camera, Color section.

I was referred to it by a friend on Facebook and the kids fell in love with this application within seconds. You upload a picture of your own, and this transforms it into a coloring page. You can add fun little details to the pictures. And print them out at home. It's fantastic.

The catch is that you have to have a code to use Lights, Camera, Color for the first time. (Just about everything else on the website is free). There are specially marked packages of Crayola products with the codes, or you can find them online. I became a fan of Crayola on Facebook and was given the code that way initially. After using it as much as we have, my access to the site was extended to a year.

Happy Coloring!

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