Thursday, March 11, 2010


I have a bit of baby fever today. It's only appropriate that I mention one of my most favorite baby things here today. Something I discovered when my second baby was a toddler and hardly ever used with my third. I got rid of it, since I believed my baby having days were done. But then I had my fourth, and this particular item became a life-saver. A fabulous life saver. A really fabulous life saver.

I spoiled myself and splurged on the pattern I wanted. Chocolate brown and teal with a funky floral pattern. LOVE this.

I love, love, love this. Slings are something that take a bit of getting used to if you've never used them, this is true. But once you do, you will fall in love with them. When my youngest was a brand new thing, he practically lived in it. He was happy, all snuggled in his nest, I had my hands free, and I didn't have to lug around strollers and car seat carriers.

I got mine cheaper than retail (of course!), buying it through ebay. Oh, is that ever a story for another day, ebay. I believe I spent $35 on it, and let me tell you. Best $35 I ever spent. I still use it with him now, and he is 18 months old.

Did I mention how fabulous it is?

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