Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I adore this website. Simply adore it. I found it many, many years ago while looking for business cards for my work as a doula. I found those, obviously. And over the years, I have found many more things there. Turns out they don't just print business related items....they print just about anything you could think of. I've ordered custom birthday invitations, photo holiday cards, fridge photo magnets, my youngest baby's birth announcements and more.

Over the years, I have ordered a lot from them. All the fun stuff and lots and lots of business cards.

The best part is that once you sign up on their website, they will start sending you emails. And something is always free. Literally. You have to pay for shipping, but you can often get many things for free. Whenever you order something, they recommend other things you might like...and I'll admit, this process has become a tedious one for the site. Overload is a good word for it. I wish there was a way to just skip it all honestly. But then, I've become very familiar with this company over time and know what I want, and know that I don't need most of the things they offer in those recommendations.

After you process an order, they will again offer you things. These are cheap without adding any more to the shipping cost. You never know what they will offer, but sometimes it is a good deal. And sometimes it's something you didn't know you needed it until they threw it out there for you. Ahhh, the marketing genius.

If you're in the market for personalized or printed anything, check them out. Could save you a bundle.

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