Monday, March 8, 2010


I love coupons. LOVE them. Especially for things I use. Especially for the things that I use all the time.

My littlest one is a scrawny boy, he's not much of an eater. If it is possible to be a vegetarian at 18 months old, he is it. One thing he does love, though, is yogurt. Can't. Get. Enough.

Since my oldest was a baby, there has been yogurt made specifically for babies, with mild flavors, not artificial preservatives, flavors or sweeteners, and made from whole milk. A few different manufacturers make it now, so there is a bit more variety than there was a few years ago.

Horizon Organic has started making yogurt for babies too, and I have to say that I love this stuff. Mostly I love it because he loves it, and will almost always eat the entire container without spitting it all over me. He mostly loves it, I am sure, because the flavors are a little non-traditional. They add not just fruit, but veggies to it. Hence, my boy loves it. Who else would like vegetable flavored yogurt? His favorite is the banana sweet potato.

Here's the link to their website, which of course, has a coupon. :) Since it's new, it is still a little hard to find, but worth looking for. Inside every package I have ever bought has been a coupon. Happy boy, happy mommy.

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