Friday, May 28, 2010


I love to paint. I really love to paint. For all kinds of reasons.

And I totally admit to being a paint snob.

Trust me, I've tried many different brands, many different finishes. I'm picky.

Nothing but Behr is allowed in my house. (Well, unless I am trying to match a color for exterior of the house, which seems to line up with another, cheaper and inferior brand. Ick.)

I even have preferences about what type of Behr.

They have a website you can use to play with different color combinations and order samples.

I prefer colors that use an accent base to tint from, versus a white base. I have found through many, many years of painting that it just covers better. You have to ask the paint department employees which base goes with which colors.

I don't pay extra for the paint and primer in one combo stuff. Did once and it made no difference, just cost more. Behr is so good that one coat is usually good enough, even without the primer mixed in. I should mention that I don't use primer. Ever. Or tape. Or dropcloths. For as much as I love to paint, I don't have the patience for time consuming painting. Tape doesn't leave clean edges anyway, and I just cut in by hand. (Disclaimer: this is NOT the kind of painting I recommend for most people. For example, my husband is not allowed to paint generally, but specifically isn't allowed to paint without tape and dropcloths.)

I prefer eggshell finish on the walls. It has a nice sheen to it. Not flat and dull, but not shiny. And it does just fine with being scrubbed and scrubbed over and over again. What can I say, my kids love markers.

For baseboards and trim, I prefer semi-gloss. And I prefer white. I adore freshly painted baseboards. I have a thing about baseboards. Hey, I never said I was normal.

For bathrooms and kitchens, I tend towards semi gloss as well. It's a more durable finish, does better with high moisture areas and is less likely to suck up oils from cooking in the kitchen.

No matter the finish, it has to be Behr though. Yes, it is more expensive. I know that. Seriously though, trust me and get the Behr.

Behr happens to be sold at Home Depot. Over Memorial Day weekend every year they do a rebate on paint, $5 a gallon. I'm going to get me some in the morning. Then I'm off to my happy place.

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  1. I totally agree with you! I love Behr ultra pure white is the best for trim!!


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