Friday, May 28, 2010

Father's Day Ideas

I'm about to completely spoil my Dad's Father's Day present. Except he doesn't ever read this, so I am safe. Whew!

A few years ago, my husband had photo coasters made for me with pictures of the kids. LOVE them. We get compliments all the time from people who see them in our home.

Dad's always had a hankering for them. This is the year he gets em.

I am using Shutterfly....I've professed my love of Shutterfly before here. I've found that of the big online photo companies, they tend to have the best quality for the lowest price. That, and I kinda got screwed by one of the other big online photo companies a while back. Ha ha ha.

Anyhow, I'm using Shutterfly. Though the coasters themselves aren't on sale, they are doing a free shipping offer for orders over $30. That code is SHIP30. Plus, there is a promo for 3 free 5x7 photo greeting cards with the code CARDS4DAD. There's a few more codes out there right now, which may or may not work with these ones. Shutterfly usually lets you stack and stack the offers, but I'm not making any promises.

The other codes floating around are:

FIVE, $5 off $25 order
ENJOY, 10% off order

Of those two, most likely only one will work, but you never know.

Happy stacking. :)

Oh, and Happy Father's Day too. :)

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