Wednesday, May 12, 2010


One of the best things about living in this part of the country is that we have the option to have our milk delivered fresh from local dairies. We've tried a few of them, and keep coming back to the first one. Longmont Dairy.

It's a bit pricier than milk from the store, but completely worth it, particularly in the eyes of my husband who swears he can taste the plastic in the milk from the store.

The milk is fresher and it tastes better. They also deliver other dairy items like juice, eggs and butter. I could kiss whoever churned butter for the first time. Such an improvement over milk, don't you think? Recently, they began delivering a newsletter with recipes. Just today, there was an article in the paper with several recipes from the owner of the dairy. Hand me downs from her family, passed down through the generations. She has so many of them that she set up her own website.

If you are like me these days, and trying to avoid processed foods whenever possible, check these out. These are the good old fashioned recipes from back in the days before anything was processed and artificially sweetened and partially hydrogenated. I'm waiting for the kids to polish off the tray of brownies I made (homemade of course, I'll post that recipe tomorrow), so I can try out the sweet cream cupcake recipe.

If you could get your hands on some dairy fresh milk, all the better. Living here has it's perks.

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  1. We loved Morning Fresh...too bad Charlotte's lactose intolerant and I rarely drink the we had to stop getting it. But boy is that stuff better than store bought


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