Thursday, June 3, 2010

Montage Legal Group

I figure since I have this platform, I should use it to brag about my amazing friend Erin.

Back when we were in law school together, we promised each other that someday we'd have a mommy law firm. Where we could set our own hours, focus on areas we loved, choose our clients and work together, all while simultaneously raising our kids.

And, really, she just might make the cutest kids in the known universe.

Though I failed to make good on my end of the deal, she did. And I can't be more proud of her and excited for her and have to admit to being just a little bit jealous.

She's awesome. Seriously.

If you ever are in need of legal services in Southern California, check her group out. They do all kinds of contract legal work. It seems to be growing larger and larger by the week.

You go girl.


  1. That's awesome! You did not "fail", life meant you in a different direction. Man do mommies need this kind of service, if Family Law is part of it. My case is in Santa Cruz, CA and they took 7 years to get arrears to me, then the D.A. HERE in Vegas sent it all to the wrong place.
    I've had to represent myself in court more times than I have fingers. Had to become a 'lawyer' myself, studying the ins and outs of Family Law because I couldn't find the help any other way. 7 years of doing everything on my own. Seriously.
    So good for you guys! Great minds think alike, and remember, a 'No Outlet' sign does not exist in your life, goals in life take time so focus on the present, like A.J.'s bike!
    Thanks for this post of light for women and for a sliver of your brilliant and caring heart and mind. Erin is lucky to have you :)
    I will pass on the website. Much love to the DeBies <3

  2. Kel, So not expecting the plug! If I can ever manage to convince you to come back to S. Cal, you know you have a place with MLG! Or, maybe we'll be so huge that we'll need your talents in CO? You never know! The mommy firm continues to go well, and is growing. Apparently brilliant women continue to be in demand in the legal community!


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