Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I've spent the last week or so searching for lunchboxes for the kids. I have bought all their school supplies already, plus extras for when they run out. I got Ash a new backpack since she'd worn holes in the bottom of her old one.

The trouble with backpacks is that they don't last as well as they used to. I carried the same green Jansport backpack from 7th grade clear through to my senior year of college. Seriously. Now kids are lucky to get two years out of a backpack. We've had a few that didn't even last a week.

Aidan and Ally got new ones last year, and as much as they would like new and shiny, I'm not buying them new and shiny.

I will, however, be buying all of them new lunchboxes. When I find the right one, that is.

Once you start making lunches for kids on a daily basis, you quickly realize how many little tiny plastic bags you use. And you also realize how fast the cost of the individual serving sized packages of everything add up. Little tiny bags of golfish cost a bunch more than a big giant family sized box.

Even though they each have lunchboxes that are in mostly okay condition, I'm in the market for new ones. I want to get them the bento box style. Essentially, they are containerized lunches, eliminating the need for baggies. The best that I've found so far have the inner compartments, and outer shell and an insulated carrying bag. They come with freezer packs and water bottles, and it all fits neatly into one little package.

The ones I really like the best run about $40 a piece. Which is a lot for a lunchbox. Really.

The girls are longing for this one:

They have an alien print one that I know Aidan would adore.

I have a hard time paying that much for lunchboxes. But, as I've tried to convince my husband, it will more than pay for itself in the long run. We won't need boxes and boxes of baggies anymore. We won't need to buy the single serving packages of stuff. And juice boxes....a thing of the past.

It could be very worth it.

Not to mention extremely eco-friendly.

What do you all think? Worth it?


  1. I bought Jackson an easy lunchbox ( It's a similar concept, and I'm hoping to works out!

  2. I bought Charlotte a Square lunch box, and I bought Think Baby bento box and round containers....soooo nice. They are BPA free and have an aluminum inside and a plastic cover that removes for washing. I like that I am not packing sandwich baggies every time. I use them for times when we go out too.

  3. We have these! At first I hated them. But now that I'm in the routine of washing everything as soon as the kids get home so that it all dries by evening, I'm fine (I'd get irritated because we only had one set of boxes). And it took a while to figure out what fit. Anyway, I'm writing this way past the fact -- obviously you've already figured it out. And I HATE baggies. They make me feel like I'm killing a sea bird every time I use one.

  4. What a great idea for ski season I am always looking for a better way to pack food. Thanks so much.


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