Thursday, July 22, 2010

Shabby Blogs

In case you haven't noticed, I changed the blog.

If you came to this page and had to do a double take, unsure you were in the right place, rest assured that you are.

The website that hosted my previous backgrounds so kindly notified me that they would no longer be shown as of Friday. Which, in my skeptical brain, means that they are hoping to convert it to a fee based site.

To be honest, I've not been real happy with the old site anyway. I've had many days where the backgrounds, buttons and extras from them haven't uploaded at all. And I'm not about to pay for something that works only most of the time.

So I changed. Like completely. New backgrounds, new buttons, new headers.

And, wait for it, I have even started writing html code. It is a little scary.

But, I think it came out cute, especially the whimsical theme of this one. And look at my little owl sitting up there....isn't he cute??? Don't you just want to squish him and give him tons of little tiny baby owl kisses?

The new site I am using is one I adore. I simply love it. I could gaze at their backgrounds all day. And I LOVE their witty little sayings on their buttons.

For anyone out there just notified their backgrounds are disappearing, I recommend this site. If you are thinking about starting a blog and looking for ways to dress it all up fancy, look here. And, well, just in general, look. :)

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