Saturday, August 28, 2010

Family Growth Chart

I started thinking about making one of these a while ago, but could never figure out how. I have a friend who actually painted a huge family tree in her stairwell, then would mark on the trunk as the kids got taller. I loved that idea, but I'm just not that good.

Plus, I figure that we may move at some point. The thought of leaving behind the pencil marks just pains me, so I thought it would be better to make something we could take with us if we ever left.

I settled on this.

I had my husband buy a piece of wood from the hardware store and cut it for me. It rests on top of the baseboard and is the same height as the top of the door frame, so a little less than 7 feet long.

Then I sanded all the edges and primed it. I decided to paint it a dark chocolate brown, then do all the lettering and height markers in cream. Initially, I was going to use wooden letters, but then I figured the kids would probably try to take them off at some point. (Gotta love kids, right?)

I couldn't find a stencil I liked, and so I just decided to hand paint it. It's not perfect, that's for sure, but it fits in around here as a result. After I painted it, I sprayed it with a thick glossy finish. We will be hanging it later today.

Marks for height will be made with a cream paint marker.

My biggest tip for doing this is that if you are going to sit it on top of baseboards, make sure your height markers take that into consideration or all your measurements will be off.

Happy creating and happy measuring!

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