Sunday, August 22, 2010


If you are like me either you have or you know someone who has this problem this time of year.

Too much squash.

I didn't get to planting a vegetable garden this year, mostly because I'm still needing to construct planter boxes. Turns out it is okay though, my wonderful mother in law has a garden. And she likes to share.

Share, she does.

I am gifted with bags and bags of cherry tomatoes, most of which AJ eats like they are candy.

Then there is the matter of the squash. Yellow crookneck and zucchini. Lots of them.

You can only grill squash so often. I love it, I do. But enough is enough.

So I've been creative. I haven't resorted to making breads and muffins, yet.

What I have been doing is hiding it in everything else though. I grate it and add it to just about everything I make for dinner. It's mild enough in flavor that no one seems to notice it.

I've put it in chili and spaghetti sauce so far. We'll see what else I can put it in.

Just an idea, if you're like me, this time of year.

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  1. I have a great abundance of zucchini also. I have a zucchini chicken recipe that I use with fresh tomatoes, too. And I have made the bread already. But, then I love breads. I tried w/ a whole roasted chicken and potatoes, ummm not so much. But I love it in looking forward to some cooler weather.


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