Friday, September 10, 2010


Hey everyone...quick question for you!

What do they hardly teach in school anymore, yet sometimes suddenly require knowledge of, and is something that kids really should know how to do in case they ever need to do it later on in life?

Write in cursive.

I have a friend who's son is being required by his teacher to do all his schoolwork in cursive, yet it is something he's never been taught at school before. Interesting, don't you think?

Some teachers at the school my kids attend teach it, some don't. I am pretty sure it's not anything required for them to teach, yet it could very well be something my kids will have to know eventually.

So, being the mean mom I am, I am teaching them. a.k.a. forcing them to learn, against their will.

They each have a notebook where we work on a few letters a day, eventually working up to writing full stories, but only in cursive.

Here is a sample sheet I found online for them to use as a guide.

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