Thursday, October 14, 2010

Creepy Halloween Game

If you are looking for a fun game for a Halloween party, try the Creepy Touch and Feel game.

I did this a few years ago for my son's Cub Scout pack, and it was a hit.  It was gross, but boys love gross.  It took some planning, but they loved it.

1. Find larger boxes and containers, big enough that they can stick their hands in one side to feel the items, but small enough that they couldn't peek.  You may need to use some plastic or glass containers, since some of the items may leak. Ewww!

2. I painted the boxes to make sure there was no way to peek, and to cover up the labels from whatever came in the box initially.

3.  Prepare the game sheets.  Decide how many containers you are going to have and what the players have to guess...whether you want them to try to figure out what it is supposed to be in there, or what it really is.

4. I started collecting the things to put in the boxes, but didn't prepare them until the day of the game.  The grosser and the stinkier, the better!

Here are the items I used:

- Brains: steamed head of cauliflower, coated in vegetable oil  (this one STINKS!)

- Eyeballs: peeled large grapes

- Fingernails: sunflower seed shells

- Guts: overcooked thick noodles, like linguine, coated in vegetable oil

- Bones:  large unsalted pretzel sticks

- Skin: unrolled fruit leather, tacked down to the bottom of the container

- Hearts: canned whole tomatoes (this one really gets them!)

- Ears: cut zucchini into ear-like shapes

- Hair: green tops of carrot, dried

- Fingers: medium unpeeled carrots, the knobbier, the better

- Goo: always good to have a bowl of jello just for texture nastiness.  To make it extra gross, put stuff in it, like gummy worms.

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