Sunday, October 24, 2010

Pressed Leaves

This is another simple craft for this time of year, a way to stretch out the beautiful fall colors and make them last a little longer.  It takes a little bit of planning and a few days of patience, but the rewards last for the whole season.

What you need:
- Leaves
- Heavy books
- Wax paper
- Towels
- Iron
- Construction paper
- Glue

Gather leaves from different types of trees, ideally in varying shades of color.  You want to pick them from the tree so they are still pliable and not dried out.  Stick them between pages in heavy books, making sure that the edges are flat.  Let them sit a few days until they are flattened and dried. 

Lay a towel flat on your working surface, then a layer of wax paper.  Arrange leaves in pattern or design, and layer with another piece of wax paper, making sure to leave a margin around the edges of just wax paper.  Layer another towel over top.

Press entire surface of paper (covered with towel) with hot, dry iron (no steam).  It will take a few minutes to seal the entire sheet.  It helps to leave spaces between the leaves to seal the paper and retain the design. 

Remove and cool, then trim edges to desired shape.  This time, I had the kids help make frames for them out of construction paper. 

We tape them to the windows so we can enjoy the beautiful fall leaves long after they've left the trees. 

Happy Fall!

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