Friday, January 14, 2011

Post-It Education

I've done this before, and I'll do it again.  I love post-its. 

When Ashley was in Kindergarten, this is how she mastered her sight words.  Now that Ally is having a hard time finding the motivation for learning them, I'm doing it again.  My kitchen cabinets are currently covered with bright green post-its. 

I decided to speak her language.  For every row of words she masters, I will paint her nails.  If she gets them all, she gets to go to the beauty salon for a real manicure. 

Ahhh, the things we do.

As soon as she gets them...the multiplcation tables are going up.  Ashley is determined to master those before her big brother.

I've found that this system works better than anything else I have tried for things that just need to be memorized.  The constant reminder of them helps, and I can point out the words, letters or math problems several times a day.

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