Saturday, June 11, 2011

Quick Tip: Cupcakes

Dear Blog,

I'm sorry.  I've neglected you again.  Really, it's because I have been busy with a bunch of other stuff.

Not that I've made cupcakes in a while, since I haven't.  I did make banana chocolate chip muffins this week, and used this tip.  You can find a recipe I use here.  One of these days I will type it up separately as a muffin recipe.  It deserves that at least. 

Here's my tip.  One that I came upon one day out of necessity and desperation.  I thought I had everything to make cupcakes, but I quickly realized I was out of liners.  After I'd made the batter, of course.  I learned something fantastic though!

Do not use cupcake liners!  Don't!  The little paper things you put in the muffin tins before baking cupcakes and totally don't need them.

Save the money. 

Instead, spray each well of the pan with a quick squirt of nonstick spray.  The cupcakes or muffins slide out easily.  As an added bonus, they are a whole lot less messy without the liners. 

As any mom or teacher knows all too well, cupcakes are horribly messy.  Crumbs everywhere.  When you don't use the liners, you cut down on the crumbs dramatically.  It is pretty awesome.

So glad I ran out of them that day!

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