Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Stained Glass Butterflies

This is a beautiful, but easy craft...and came in handy for my daughter's butterfly project at school.  She is the one that found the idea online, since she's doing all her own research these days.  You know, cuz she is 8 now.

Stained Glass Butterflies
- wax paper
- crayons
- grater
- towel
- iron
- paint

Start by deciding what shape and size butterfly you are making (and you can make plenty of other things this way too if inclined!).  Draw out you design on one sheet of wax paper.

Lay the wax paper with the design flat on a towel (on a sturdy surface that won't be ruined by using an iron a few minutes). 

Grate crayons in the colors desired over the design, trying to keep the shavings in the lines.  You do not have to cover the whole surface as the wax will melt and spread..

Cover with a second piece of wax paper, then the another towel.

Press with iron on highest setting for a minute or so at each area until all wax is melted and the papers are fused together.

Let cool. 

Trim edges off so the shape you desire is reached.  If desired, paint edges for more definition.  Ashley was making a monarch butterfly, so she drew out the design with a sharpie, then painted it. 

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