Thursday, September 30, 2010

Witches Brew

Now that it is the eve of October, I can start sharing with you all my favorite things to do with the kids this time of year.  There are lots of them, probably a reflection of the fact that after Christmas, Halloween is a very close second in the list of my favorite holidays. 

The kids start asking me to make some of the special treats and drink and crafts long before we even get close to October.  The first crisp day towards the end of the summer sends them begging for these things. 

This one is a fun thing to make for parties, for sleepovers, for those early in the year snow days, for the big night of trick or treating, or just for fun.  I've had neighbor kids asking for this one's that fun. 

I found something to make it even more awesome this year and will definitely be adding it to the brew.  (I generally half the recipe if I am just making it for my kids, use the whole if other people are over)

Witches Brew

- large bowl, preferably clear glass
- half gallon lime sherbet
- 2 liter bottle lemon lime soda (I use diet)
- 1 small can pineapple juice if desired
- small plastic spiders
- 2 plastic gloves

Let sherbet soften, scoop into bowl.  Add juice if you would like.  Pour soda over the sherbet, it will get bubbly and frothy looking.  Do not want it to look gross. 

If you happen to have a few plastic spider rings (you know the super cheap ones easy to find this time of year), freeze them into ice cubes and toss them in the bowl. 

To make it really creepy, take a couple clean powder-free plastic gloves and fill with water the night before.  Securely close the end of the glove with a rubber band and freeze until solid.  Remove gloves from ice and add the hands to the brew.

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