Friday, March 18, 2011

Easy Rainbow Craft

I made this with my girl scouts this week, and it was a hit!  Very easy, somewhat time consuming, and perfect for any rainbow themed party or occasion....even a rainy day.

I did get some heavy duty construction paper for it though, because it does require tons and tons of glue....and what kid doesn't like a craft that includes that?

Plus, this can take a while because the pieces tend to mysteriously disappear.

You will need:
- blue construction paper
- white glue (we use regular school glue)
- fruity circle shaped cereal (we used generic)

It helps if you draw the top of the arch for the first row before starting.  I did that with the one shown here, but let my girl scouts draw their own arches.  Needless to say, we had rainbows of all sizes and shapes, and more than a few that ran out of room before they got to the blues and purples.

Glue cereal on in rainbow order, using a decent amount of glue for each piece.  It takes a while to dry, so factor that in to your crafting time. 

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