Monday, March 28, 2011

Invisible Ink

We got a catalog from one of those mail order buy crap you don't need in bulk for really cheap companies.  You all can probably figure out which one I'm referring to. 

There was a page of magic trick novelties and Aidan insisted he needed everything on the page.  Finger traps, whoopie cushions, invisible ink.  He wanted to buy one of each with his own money and couldn't wrap his head around why you needed to buy 6 dozen of everything to get that super cheap price.

That's just how it works, kid.

He made his disappointed sad face, which I don't want to see right now since he just had surgery and all.  So I told him we'd make invisible ink at home instead.

Here's how.

Invisible Ink
- lemon juice
- q-tips
- light colored or white paper
- heat source
- salt
- crayons

There are two different ways we used the ink.  The first is the simplest.  Use the q-tip, dipped in lemon juice, to write out messages on the paper.  Let dry completely.  With help from an adult, hold the paper near a heat source.  The lemon juice stained areas will darken before the rest of the paper, revealing the message.

The other way is to sprinkle salt on the message immediately when it is still wet.  Give it a minute for the salt to absorb the juice, then shake off the excess.  Place another piece of paper on top and use a crayon to make a rubbing of the salted message below. 

Have fun!

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  1. Hey Kelly,
    I'm so glad you stopped by my blog. Anyway, we did invisible ink this year for the science fair with laundry detergent and black light. It was pretty cool. It ends up disappearing after a few hours. Don't you love finding substitutes for one dollar crap? We have way too much of that stuff in our house as is.


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